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Healthcare SEO

HealthCare SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the potential to be huge for medical practices; however, many medical practices seem to miss the target when effectively using their websites and SEO in order to reach new patients.

Many of these issues often occur in part for various reasons including:

Inattentiveness to brand reputation

Not understanding Digital Marketing/SEO

Lack of Team Support

Hiring Inadequate Marketing agencies

Lack of online customer reviews

No digital footprint

In the coming years it will continue to be more and more critical for medical practices to understand the value of SEO and how it can help their practices stay afloat.

Why Healthcare SEO is important

More and More Patients Are Looking for Healthcare Online. Whether your potential patient has just receive da diagnosis from another doctor or they are experiencing an ailment, patients are no longer picking up the phones and calling their medical doctors first. Instead they are going to the internet hoping that an answer found online will eliminate the need to go to the doctor. If your practice has the answer to your patient’s question you will suddenly become an expert to them which ironically positions you even closer to gaining a new patient appointment.

Many targets have low competition and don’t realize it. Being able to rank terms like doctor or surgeon are nearly impossible when working in medical practice SEO; however, there are still a plethora of long tail keywords that have less traffic but are easier to obtain. As a medical practice these long tail key terms can help bring your company some new warm leads and quick revenue. Good keyword research is a great place to start.


Why you shouldn’t do guest post service outreach alone?

Patients are Spending More Time Online and Your Medical Practice Should Be Too. When your medical practice decides to invest in SEO, you’re hoping to reach a potential patient exactly where they are and that’s looking for services. If you’re able to capture a prospective patient when they are looking for you, there are various strategies you can implore to nurture that lead.

Medical Practice SEO has high, measurable ROI. At Your Niche SEO we have obtained ROI for our clients at extremely high percentages. Through our SEO software we are able to track leads that come through both organically and via paid.

Your Medical SEO Success is Insured

As you begin your Medical SEO journey with us there are a few things we will do insure your campaign is a success:

We Will Do Local SEO Research

The search behavior of patients looking for health is different and very niche; however, at Your Niche SEO we know what types of keywords to look for. We have data that shows exactly what users are looking for and when they are looking for it.

We Will Create User Friendly Content

Content is king and is also a critical component of any medical see campaign. We will make sure that your content is not only user friendly but that it is accurate and caters to the needs of your users.


Get To Know Your Audience

While SEO is technical and a science, there is also a method behind it. Making sure you adequately know your target audience is what will help you reach them and draw them in. A Medical SEO agency can help you through that process.

Are you ready to dive into the world of SEO healthcare?
Are you ready to focus less on what your competitor is doing and more about how you can ramp up your digital efforts in order to defeat them? Give our team at Your Niche SEO a call today.