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Dental Marketing Hacks To Outsmart Your Competition Completely (2nd & 5th Hack Will change your SEO Game)

Dental Marketing Hacks To Outsmart Your Competition Completely (2nd & 5th Hack Will change your SEO Game)









Marketing for a dentist office can be one of the most challenging jobs in the marketing industry. Dentist are often tasked with juggling many roles every day including chasing down insurance companies, non paying clients, paying clients and figuring out new and creative ways to increase clientele. Because of the many things that dentist have to juggle, they do not often have the time to focus on their marketing strategies. Because there is no time to focus on marketing strategies it’s imperative that dentist be able to identify marketing hacks that will help them not only grow but outsmart their competition.

  • Get Involved in Your Community

Host a career fair, teach and educational seminar at a local elementary school on the importance of flossing are just a few things your dentist office can do to get involved in the local community. While getting involved in your local community is a great way for you to increase your clientele it’s also a great way to help you get back-links online that in turn help increase your online visibility. Statistics have shown that patients both new and old tend to feel more connected to a dentist they have met outside of the office than they do with a dentist they met in the confines of business.

  • Guest Post to Dental Blogs: (Here are 7 Real Guest Posting Sites in Dental Niche)

http://dentaltown.com/ (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 59)

http://www.dentistryiq.com (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 61)

www.dentistry.co.uk (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 56)

http://www.webdental.com (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 54)

http://www.hygienetown.com/ (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 47)

http://www.dentagama.com/ (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 45)

http://www.orthotown.com/  (Ahref’s Domain Rank: 51)

Having your dental office featured on high  authority blogs are a great way for you to not only increase your SEO presence but also a great way to position yourself as a brand. I also shared some High Authority Dental blogs.  Your company should be featured on these sites.

  • SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization is defined by Search Engine Land as he process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. As a dental office you have upwards of 5 or 10 competitors within about a 5 mile radius (in a larger city) so you have to make sure your customers are able to find you online before they find your competitor. This can be achieved by simply incorporating local key words into your content including for example (Los Angeles dentist office, if you’re trying to rank for those particular key terms) another example of SEO optimization is using words that your customers may be using in their search for your dental practice.

  • Offer Free or Discounted Services

Everyone loves free and there’s no greater way for you to target first time customers initially than to offer some sort of free resource to draw them in. Many dentist offices often offer free things such as a free x-ray exam and also a free deep cleaning. While this is not designed to retain customers it is used to target new ones.

  • Guest Post to Shoulder Niche Websites:

Finding a website that focuses on Oral Health will be troubling but you can use shoulder niche sites; however, we have an exhaustive list of shoulder niche sites available to help meet your guest posting needs:






  • Facebook Retargeting

Because so many people are on Facebook at any given moment during the day it’s important that your business learns the importance of re-targeting. Re-targeting is a great way for your office to remind patients that they’ve been to your office recently, need to book a new appointment or even leave a review. Surprisingly enough, Facebook re-targeting ads can be relatively cheap.

  • Monthly E-Newsletter

Do you want to stay connected with your customers but not really sure how you can without coming off too strong or too clingy? Consider a monthly news letter. This monthly newsletter could introduce your current customers to new promotions, new events and also offer deep discounts to those who open the newsletter.

  • Encourage Testimonial Reviews

One of the key ways any company can increase their online presence especially through Google is by testimonial reviews. It’s no different with dentist. Many people struggle with finding a new dentist simply because dentist have been known to do painful procedures, being inconsiderate of pain tolerance and simply overcharging. Testimonial reviews can help your potential customers determine if they want to do business with you without ever having to step into your front door.

  • Mobile Optimization

Five out of ten people will use their mobile phones or tablets to look at your dentist office.  Because of this you want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. This means you want to assure that when your customers visit your website that they are able to navigate their way through it without any issues.

  • Use Videos To Your Advantage

In 2017, videos have continued to increase in popularity. If you’re trying to increase your online presence, youtube or periscope is a great way to begin. Consider live streaming or recording one of your community events or maybe consider recording one of your procedures to show your audience how things work within your office.

  • Position Yourself as an Expert

expert Dentist

Another great way you can create traction to our dental office is by positioning yourself as an expert. This can be done by writing articles or by producing video content for other dentist offices or individuals who share your similar audience.

Another way you can position yourself is by being willing to do interviews with local television stations. If your customers or potential customers view you as an expert they may be more willing to trust you as a professional.

  • Social Media Engagement

Social media is important to the success of any business and it’s no different for a dentist office. If you’re not sure how to effectively run a social media campaign,  for a dentist office there are several dental marketing agencies out there that can help guide you through your social media creation process.

Engaging on social media can actually become really creative for a dentist office. You can use social media to share photos, employee celebrations and a host of other things in order to engage your clientele.

Let us know, if you have more websites in Dental Niche.  We will happy to add them in our list.


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