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How to Control and Drive down unwanted results in the Search Engine.

How to Control and Drive down unwanted results in the Search Engine.

In business, you are faced with a lot of challenges and threats and if you do not become aggressive, you might be outdone in your business. There are so many enemies of progress and as it is always the case, you cannot make a million friends without making a few enemies. Therefore, in the feedback segment of your business, you might get all sorts of comments, both negative and positive. The problem comes in when the negative feedback outdoes the positive ones. Once this happens in your business, it is upon you to ensure that these negative feedback do not appear among the first results in the search engines. Try as much as possible to push the negative reviews further down in the searches.

There are several ways that you can manage your online reputation and ensure that these negative comments are not being seen by any visitor and/or potential clients. Some of these things are;

  1. Ensure you create the right profiles in the social media platforms.

The use of social media has drastically increased over time and likewise, many businesses have created profiles on these platforms in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. In order for you to have a large impact from these platforms, you do not need to create many profiles with a lot of back links. No, this will actually have a negative effect on your business. Instead you should create one outstanding profile that will make the visitors want to know more about it. For an effective profile, there are things that you ought to remember. Some of these things are:

  • Ensure that you name the profiles correctly, that is, you need not use pseudonyms. For instance, you can use just the brands name and if it’s already taken, you can try using hyphens.
  • Also, make sure that you outline the profiles completely. That is, the name, photos, bio, videos, links, topics and any other privilege that the platforms may offer.
  • Keep an address book of the contacts that are active on your profile, these are a great source of real time clients.

For your profile to be catchy, you need to fully work on it and if need be, you can get services of a social media expert to ensure that the profile is as effective as possible.

2.Create an alternative blog;

Creating an interesting blog attracts a lot of interested readers so long as there is the correct use of relevant keywords. Blogs tend to offer a platform to put a back link to the product and service page. Ensure that your blog is as active as possible with updated information. Once these blog posts are up and running, ensure that you share them on the social media platforms. These shares should have a catchy title that will make any reader want to know more.

3.Use the tactics for speaking, investing, donating and hiring.

The use of these tactics is very effective and gives you the opportunity to share your business information. For instance, you can speak at events and naturally mention the way your business has been of importance in the topic of discussion at the event. Similarly, investing and/or donating goes a long way as irrespective of the donation size that you have offered, it brings about recognition from press and these in turn helps to boost your links. In addition t this, when you have a vacancy in your business, ensure that you maintain a permanent profile. Look at the sites you are posting these vacancies then you will be able to leverage other services in the bio. Regardless of the vacancy position, ensure that you include some vital information about the business.

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